Sea Salt & Oud Candle

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A home fragrance curated to bring the invigorating essence of the seaside into your space. The top notes of Seasalt, Seaweed, and Ambergris open a refreshing symphony reminiscent of ocean breezes and maritime allure. As the heart notes of Styrax and Pink Pepper unfold, a touch of warmth and spice is added, creating a balance that echoes the coastal experience. The fragrance settles into the base notes of Fir and Pepperwood, grounding the atmosphere with the comforting aroma of a coastal forest. "Sea Salt & Oud" transforms your home into a soothing retreat, capturing the essence of the sea and nature in every moment.

We offer both 1-wick and 3-wick candles.  

Wooden wick hand poured soy wax candles. 


The fragrant notes are:

Top Notes: Seasalt, Seaweed and Ambergris

Heart Notes: Styrax and Pink Pepper

Base Notes: Fir and Pepperwood