Spice & Iso-E

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A unisex perfume that artfully intertwines the delicate charm of rose and the modern allure of Iso E in its top notes. As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes of musk and tobacco unfold, creating a seductive and sophisticated composition. "Spice & Iso E" gracefully settles into its base notes, where the warm and embracing tones of amber provide a captivating and enduring foundation. Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of this fragrance, where each note harmonizes to create a poetic reverie of scent. Iso E Super, a key ingredient in modern perfumery and this scent, it adds a unique and enchanting facet to fragrances. Known for its velvety, woody aroma, Iso E Super enhances the overall composition, providing depth, longevity, and a captivating allure. This versatile ingredient possesses the remarkable ability to amplify and harmonize other notes.

The fragrance breakdown:

Top Notes: Rose and Iso E super

Heart Notes: Musk and Tobacco

Base Notes: Amber