Vanilla & Tonka Candle

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A home fragrance designed to weave an atmosphere of serenity and sophistication. Lavender, with its pure and soothing notes, opens the olfactory experience, setting a calming tone for your space. The heart notes reveal a touch of mystique with Myrrh, adding depth to the ambiance. As the fragrance settles, the comforting blend of Tonka Bean and Vanilla in the base notes creates a warm and inviting embrace. "Vanilla & Tonka" is crafted to transform your home into a haven of peace, making every moment a tranquil retreat.

We offer both 1-wick and 3-wick candles.  

Wooden wick hand poured soy wax candles. 


The fragrant notes are:

Top Notes: Lavender

Heart Notes: Myrrh

Base Notes: Tonka Bean and Vanilla