Jasmine & Amber

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A fragrance that unfolds like a poetic garden in full blossom. The top notes of Rose and Jasmine intertwine in a delicate dance, evoking the freshness of a morning garden bathed in dew. As the fragrance deepens, the heart notes of Tobacco emerge, casting a subtle veil of warmth and intrigue. It is a distinctive twist that adds a touch of mystery to the floral symphony. The base notes of White Amber bring forth a serene and sophisticated foundation, like the gentle glow of a sunset, leaving a lingering and enchanting trail. "Jasmine & Amber" is a fragrance that captures the essence of timeless elegance, combining the delicate allure of flowers with the subtle richness of tobacco and the graceful depth of white amber.

The fragrance breakdown:

Top Notes: Rose and Jasmine

Heart Notes: Tobacco 

Base Notes: White Amber